Maricopa school district override passes

From The Maricopa Monitor

By DAVID YANKUS Staff Writer Nov 9, 2016

MARICOPA — The Maricopa Unified School District maintenance and operations budget override passed Tuesday night.

The yes votes tallied 5,018 while the no votes came in at 4,164.

Two years ago the MUSD override failed for the sixth straight time; that year it was by more than 1,100 votes.

The public school district is seeking a 10 percent override in its approximately $31 million budget to help pay for additional teachers, introduce new programs and establish new curriculum, of which all would help reduce class sizes.

Of that $3.1 million in override money, override supporter Vincent Manfredi estimated that about $500,000 would be used annually for instructional technology, such as new computers and tablets. The override money would let the district hire up to 50 more teachers, reduce classroom sizes and help to continue extracurricular activities, he added.