What We Do

The Maricopa Education foundation functions as an independent entity and has members who support and promote excellence in education. Working in partnership with the Maricopa Unified School District, the Foundation encourages, receives, and administers funds for various educational purposes. Because of our non-profit status, the Foundation has been able to receive and award gifts since its inception.

We Have

Maricopa Education Foundation is a registered 501c3 organization.
All grant requests are considered based on how they advance the goals and mission of the foundation and the quality of education within the Maricopa Unified School District.
Our board members and committee volunteers come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Local residents; educators; business owners; parents. They're just like you.


We Need

We graciously accept monetary and in kind donations (tax deductible) to help furnish our grant requests.
Supporting educational growth in Maricopa on all fronts.
Your ideas, time and energy would not go wasted should you be willing to participate in the programs and efforts of the Maricopa Education Foundation!